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. the federal government and many local governments and school systems will bound b closed tomorrow. for the latest, go to our website, >> with this storm system, it delivered something quite quiet different just a couple of hours west of d.c. we're talking snow and lots of it. counties in maryland, virginia, and west virginia all bracing for feet of the white stuff. >> reporter: the national weather service issued blizzard warnings for much of the appalachian mountains. west virginia's governor declared a state of emergency as the snow began to fall. >> we're getting ready for the winter storm, you know. >> reporter: the snowshoe mountain resort was one of the first to see the snow. 4 inches now could grow to 2 feet by tomorrow. some roads are treacherous already. >> our friend's car doesn't have the great est tires. they've been spinning around on the road one time, so i'm going to get them. >> reporter: you'll do better. you have 4-wheel drive. >> yep. >> reporter: travis ray is with the department of transportation. >> there will be people after immediate night that w
peterson with fair fax county government. what is the situation there regarding flooding, power outages and concerns in fair fax? >> let me tell you we wanted to make sure residents of the bellevue new alexandria area knew we were reaching out by phone to make them ready for the possibility of flooding in their neighborhood tomorrow afternoon or evening. this message is for people that live east of the road. west of george washington parkway, south of bell haven road and north of wake forest drive. that this is the area that the county is concerned about that engine nears are monitoring the situation there. should this escalate and again, this would be tomorrow. if flooding was imminent and an evacuation was required, these folks would be called and the public safety personnel would be knocking on the door. >> we have been told earlier in the evening that 23 local roads have been closed in fair fax. does that number stand? are some of those reopened or more roads shut down? >> ire don't have a number of roads which are closed at this time. actually, i do now. that is 38 roads and we
the numbers are likely to grow. investigators in the government agency that spent the money continue their audits and pursuing more than 1,900 open criminal investigations. for more specific examples like funds intended to aid the poor folks in rural areas, instead being paid for homes with swimming pools. check out our findings at for 9 wants to know with the washington guardians. >> thank you, russ. the white house did not respond to requests for a comment, anita? >>> you can rip out that dictionary page that has the word landslide in it because it looks like we're not going to be needing it this time this year. polls show the popular vote for the president to be virtually tied and that is enough for both candidates to run scared and hard. >> reporter: we'll see some running hard over the weekend in virginia, anita, one of the few remaining swing states. but there was not much running this evening in silver spring. more like a slow walk. early voting scheduled to d at 9:00 p.m. and at 8:30, the lines were so long. >> reporter: 24 hours ago the number of the early marylan
. >> the federal government is closed tomorrow. mark is shut down and amtrakcancelled most eastern trains. we have it on our website, throughout this expanded broadcast tonight you can see all the closings at the bottom of your tv screen. tonight we have team coverage of hurricane sandy. our news crews are around the region and at the beaches. first, right to topper shutt for the latest on sandy's path. >> not much changed. strengthened a little bit, which is a little disconcerting over the past three hours. let's start with a track. it's essentially the same. moving northeast at about 14. she's about 290 miles east of hatteras and 470 miles south of new york city. she will turn eventually to the north and then northwest. this is what makes the storm unprecedented that most nor easters continued along the east coast. itthis one is making a left turn. we're looking at hurricane- force winds in delaware as we get into monday. after it rolls through it gets into south central pa. this is now tuesday night, 8:00. we still have 50 miles per hour winds. it's kind of ironic and a little bit di
.c. this afternoon and talking about the response tots big storm. >> my message to the federal government, no bureaucracy, no red tape, get resources where they're needed as fast as possible, as hard as possible, and for the duration. >> working to put the recovery effort ahead of the impending election, the president cancelled tomorrow's campaign stop in ohio. instead he'll take a look at that storm damage and thank the first responders in new jersey. meantime republican challenger mitt romney was in ohio today collecting money and relief supplies for those storm victims. >> i appreciate your generosity. it's part of the american spirit, the american way to give to people who are in need. and your generosity this morning touches my heart. >> former president bill clinton is expected to campaign in six battleground states for president obama, leading up to election day. governor romney expects to make a swing through florida tomorrow. just a reminder, the early voting resumes tomorrow in washington, d.c. and in maryland, and the hours have been extended from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. to try
. long lines of people waiting to get gasoline. they said the federal government needs to get portable generators out here because we need to get the gas station open when we need to go back to school and work. there is a curfew der way. we haven't seen any police officers. they have got more important things to do, i suppose. that's why you see nobody out there. there's a curfew up and down the jersey shore. back to you, derek. >> now, bruce, when you said months, i thought you must have misspoke but i see the video and i realize it's going to take months to recover. bruce johnson in new jersey, thanks for that. >>> it's not just new jersey. new york city is trying to pull itself back together. and it could be next week before things even start to feel normal again. >> reporter: gridlock on the streets of manhattan and michael bloomberg requiring a three passenger limit for vehicles in the city. portions of the subway system also submerged along with a runway at laguardia airport. >> many people's lives were turned upside down and everyone is working 24 hours a day to get this city ba
if the electricity goes out. number two, the satellite locations are at government facilities, most of which have generator power. >> this is a real worry for election officials because when battery power is exhausted, the results could disappear. the votes lost forever. the storm is already having an impact on campaign, candidates dropping rallies because of it. >> thanks, gary. >>> and 9news has you covered. stick with us for the hurricane sandy coverage. we've made it easy for you to track the phone on your smart phone. text the word sandy to the number 25543. and with that you will receive simple instructions on how to download our wusa weather app. >>> a couple out enjoying a pass in charles county maryland has apparently been gunned down. they were both rushed to the hospital and we just learned the woman has died. the shooter still on the loose. we know very little about this. it happened around 7:00 on hampshire circle in waldorf. >>> still ahead, andrea mccarren continues her travels through the battle ground state of virginia. we'll hear what some moms have to say about this upcoming el
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)